D.A.M. Geotechnical Services Ltd in Dumbarton, Scotland

Geotechnical design, slope stability assessment, geophysical investigations

D.A.M. Geotechnical Services specialise in providing geotechnical consultancy services to the civil engineering sector. From report preparation and geotechnical design to slope stability assessment and landfill gas surveys, our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of geotechnical services that will exceed your expectations.

Our Philosophy

Unique services that provide outstanding results

At D.A.M. Geotechnical Services, our philosophy is to provide outstanding geotechnical services at highly competitive prices. We operate in a well defined niche market that is associated with the broader field of civil engineering. What sets us apart from other geotechnical consultancy companies is our ability to provide a complete service - we have the resources and capabilities to do all work in-house. Our range of unique services and operational structure ensures we remain popular with our customers who trust to use our level of expertise time and time again.

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