D.A.M. Geotechnical Services Ltd in Dumbarton, Scotland

Report preparation

• Desk study
• Divestiture audit
• Pre-acquisition audit
• Environmental audit

Geotechnical design of foundation systems

• Magnitude and rate of settlement
• Bearing capacity calculations
• Design of ground improvement schemes
• Design of piled foundation systems

Design of retaining structures

• Sheet pile retaining walls
• Gravity retaining walls

Slope stability assessment

• Analysis of planar slope failures using circular and non-circular analysis. We utilise Galena V2.0 software

Geophysical investigations using resistivity and magnetometer apparatus

• Wenner array resistivity sounding
• Geotronics G856 proton precession magnetometer surveying
• Contour plans and 3D modelling of anomalies
• Electronic distance meter surveys of survey points

Performance of landfill gas surveys to waste management ciria 665

• Measurement of oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and volatile organic carbon vapours
• Measurement of gas flow rates
• Monitoring of weather conditions using computerised data logging weather station

Performance of in-situ tests

• Air sampling
• Plate bearing tests
• Moisture condition value tests
• Energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence analysis of metals in soils

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